Im Gespräch mit Lissie!


Bekannt hier in Deutschland wurde Sängerin Lissie 2010 zweifellos durch ihren Hit Whem I’m Alone. Dieses Jahr startet sie erneut mit ihrem neuem Album Back To Forever. Was sie im Vergleich zum alten Album anders gemacht hat, was sie zu den deutschen Fans sagt und was es mit Wildnisführern auf sich hat, das könnt ihr nun hier lesen… 😉

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Für alle, die Lissie noch nicht kennen: Sie kommt aus Amerika, genauer gesagt Rock Islands und macht Rock, Folk und Country Musik. Sie arbeitet schon mit Künstlern wie Ellie GouldingSnow Patrol und Robbie Williams zusammen, spielte auf zahlreichen Festivals und wurde 2010 von der amerikanischen Zeitschrift Paste zum „Best New Solo Artist“ ernannt.
Ihr neues, und damit zweites Album Back To Forever wird am 11. Oktober 2013 auf dem deutschen Markt erscheinen. Wir freuen und schonmal daraf… 😉
Jetzt hier unser Interview mit ihr. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

For people who don’t know you, how would you describe your music in three words?

straightforward rock pop

Are there any differences between the American and the European/German fans?

european audiences can be more reserved when you first meet them.  you aren’t sure if they like it cause they don’t hoot and holler like in the US.  but that’s nice in a different way because you feel like they’re really listening. 

 Your first album „Catching a Tiger“ was very sucessfull, especially in the UK. Do you expect the same for your upcoming album „Back to Forever“?

well i hope so!  even more successful really!  i think my audience and the public are just starting to get to know me.  i feel like i have a strong voice both physically and in the emotion and thought that i put into my work.  given the right exposure and opportunities i think people will really enjoy „back to forever“ 

What are the differences between your last album and „Back to


i think that my songwriting has grown.  my band played on this record.  i didn’t know them yet on „catching a tiger“. and i think that this record has more edge and toughness, less of my folky side is highlighted here.. it’s more rock pop than my past work.  

If you hadn’t become a musician, which job would you like to do instead?

something in nature.  a wilderness guide perhaps.  

What was your favorite musician when you were a child?

when i was really young i loved janet jackson and huey lewis and the news.  it’s changed every year since.  i’ve never had a favorite anything.  

How did you celebrate your first song getting into the official charts?

i don’t remember!  i probably had some tequila!  

Do you rather play festivals or concerts?

i like doing both.  festivals are fun cause you get to mix in with lots of different bands and people.  there’s a real energy of letting loose.  my own concerts are great though because i know that the people there came specifically to see us and are very in it with me.  

What is it like to hear your own voice on a different album? for example with Robbie Williams or Snow Patrol.

i love collaborating with other artists.  it takes the pressure off of me and lets me just sing!  i love to sing!  i am so flattered when artists i admire and are successful ask me to sing with them.  it makes me feel great!  

Do you have a favorite album at the moment?

i just got into the glasvegas album glasvegas a few days ago and it took me a few listens to get into it.. but now i just think it’s the most beautiful thing!  i’ll be onto something else soon though 🙂

 Thanks a lot to Lissie for the Interview! 😉

Hier noch ihre aktuelle Single Further Away (Romance Police) und ihr Erfolgshit Whem I’m Alone. 😉

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