Im Gespräch mit San Cisco!


Erst vor Kurzem über die Band gebloggt, und schon heute freuen wir uns, euch unser Interview mit ihnen präsentieren zu können! 😉

Wir stellten euch San Cisco ja bereits vor ein paar Wochen vor, wer den Artikel noch lesen möchte, kann das hier gerne tun.
Die vier Australier touren momentan fleißig herum und haben es sich erfreulicherweise nicht nehmen lassen, auch mal in Deutschland vorbei zu schauen… 😉 So erhielten wir auch die Möglichkeit, ein Interview per Mail mit der Band zu führen.

Von welcher Band San Cisco momentan besonders angetan ist, und was sie nächstes Jahr so vor haben, das könnt ihr nun hier nachlesen…
Viel Spaß! 😉

For people who have never listened to your music, how would you describe your music in three words?

Funky fresh electric

 Which other bands/musicians would you say influence your music?

When we were starting out as a group, bands like Mgmt and Vampire Weekend had a

big influence on our sound. Some bands/artists we find influential at the moment

are Haim, Broken bells, Electric Guest, Foxygen, Kanye west, metronomy.

When and where was your first gig?

Our first gig was at a small town fair in Denmark, WA, about 4 years ago.


Is it your first time here in Germany?

Nope! We were here at the beginning of the year for a small run of dates

supporting Darwin Deez.


 What is it like being from Australia and having fans in Europe?

It’s exciting to travel overseas and feel connected to places and people you

don’t know and still manage to feel welcomed and have a great time. We love what

we have seen of Germany so far and the people are so friendly!


 Who would you like to record with? Like San Cisco feat.?

Probably Nile Rodgers. He has worked on so many great pop records and is

effortlessly cool.


 What is it like finishing your first album?

We finished making it over a year ago so we are focusing now on what we want to

do for the next album. That said, we are happy with our first album and have had

a blast taking it to the word in 2013.


 Do you have plans for the future

We are going to head back to Fremantle for the summer and knuckle down for this

next album, spend lots of time writing and producing and developing ideas. Then

hopefully we’ll have a second album out sometime in 2014…

 Do you have a favorite album at the moment?

I am loving the Haim record at the moment. We’ve seen them play 3 times now and

they absolutely rock. I’ve also revisited Morcheeba’s record ‚Big Calm‘ which

I’ve been loving. It’s so soothing!

Vielen Dank nochmal an San Cisco für das Interview! 😉 

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