Im Gespräch mit Miriam Bryant!


Wir stellten sie bereits vor ca. einem Jahr auf unserem Blog vor und auch in unseren Alben der Woche hat sie mit ihrem aktuellen Album Raised in Rain einen Platz gefunden. Wir freuen uns sehr, euch nun auch unser Interview mit Miriam Bryant zu präsentieren! 😉

How would you describe your music in three words?
Miriam: Passion

On your Facebook Page it’s said that „it all started with a school project“. What exactly is meant by that? What kind of project was it?
Miriam: My good friend Victor Rådström asked me to help him with a school project that he had when he was studying music production and songwriting. It sounded fun so I decided to give it a try. I had never written songs before that so it was really exciting and also scary. We wrote finders keepers first, followed by last soul on earth and alone isn’t lonely, all three songs made it into the album. I did not have even the slightest mildest consideration that it would develop into something bigger than what it was… A school project. But here we are.

You are from Sweden. Would you say that there’s a difference from the Swedish fans to the other ones?
Miriam: No. Not really. They are all great.

Your first album „Raised in Rain“ will be released in November. What can we expect of it?
Miriam: Honest stories. About love and hate. It’s pop music with an electronic twist. Some people like to call it soul. I’m very proud if the album and I hope
And think that people will find it good and interesting.

 Do you already have ideas for a new album? If so, is there anything you would do differently to the first one?
Miriam: For sure. It needs to be the next level. Raised in rain is a result of a school project and two creative minds setting a puzzle, not really knowing what the puzzle will look like when complete. Next time will be a   longer process and everybody involved will expect more, especially me. There will be a clearer picture of what we want.

The Aftonbladet said your #1 breakthrough artist 2013. How does that feel? Did you expect such a success?
Miriam: Feels great. It’s always nice to be acknowledged. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I’m not surprised, because this is what I always wanted.

Are there any musicians you’d like to record with?
Miriam: I’m not sure I have any specific artists in mind. But I would love to do a collab with a rapper. I also love Bon Iver…

When will the German fans get the chance to see you live in Germany?
Miriam: NOW. I’m in Stuttgart tonight (14/11) and will be on tour  in Germany till the 23/11 you can see my tour dates on my Facebook page.

Do you have a favorite album at the moment? Can you recommend one to us?
Miriam: I would recommend Bon Iver – For Emma forever ago. It always works. Love it.

What are your plans for the future?
Miriam: In the near future I’m planning to continue writing music, I’m going to spend a few months in the states in the beginning of next year, to write music,  promote it, and do live shows. I want to work hard in Scandinavia and Germany and hopefully other territories too.

Vielen Dank nochmal an Miriam Bryant für das Interview!

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